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Amanda Rishel: Barkable Bites Co-Founder


Give Your Dog Something To Bark About!


When people think about Barkable Bites what do you want them to remember?

I want people to remember that Barkable Bites is a family-owned and operated business focused on providing your dog with all natural, healthy treats. Each treat is balanced with flavor and nutrition and is preservative free. Our treats are original recipes hand crafted, giving each a personal touch.

How are you inspired to come up with new products?

Honestly, the recipes just come to me.  I’ll be driving home from work, get a craving for a burrito, and realize that any dog would LOVE a treat with black beans and cumin. I do try to make the shapes fun but also quick and easy to make, keeping in mind the sizes of dogs. Not one size of treat works for all dogs so I do include small bites and larger ones. Dogs should get to eat fun things just like their owners.

What skills have you learned from your prior jobs which you now use to help Barkable Bites be successful?

Engineering is a very demanding field. So far my career has helped me learn to manage time, become very organized, and develope analytical thinking. These traits are just a few that help me manage my business. I run all the aspects of the business, so my hat changes daily. My career in industry has given me the knowledge and skills to become successful in all the roles I fill.

Where do you see Barkable Bites in 5 years?

My goal is to expand to stores outside of Delaware into the Northeast and grow my online market. In 2013, I plan to roll out two new products and continue to partner with local pet charities.

What has this experience taught you about yourself?

I was able to turn an idea into a reality. I believed in myself and succeeded.

Did you ever consider giving up or not going forward with Barkable Bites?

No. Once I had the idea and organized my thoughts, I realized that I was capable of starting this business. I never looked back from that point.

How do you achieve work life balance?

In addition to the business, I work full-time as a chemical engineer. I only set goals and identify tasks that I can actually get done in the allotted time. It is very important that my product is perfect each and every time. I decide what I can manage and only grow as fast as I can keep up.

What are your hobbies?

Spending time with my family, including Tucker, is my favorite past time. I am blessed with a wonderful husband, parents, and other extended family. Most of my hobbies are spent with my husband. We love to camp in the mountains of Virginia, hike to new vistas, travel to new places, watch movies, and the list goes on!

What advice do you have for readers who are considering starting a new business?

Go for your dream but make sure you do your homework first! You need to make sure the market can support your product or service. To be a successful business owner, you need to be organized and driven. The only person that can make the business successful is you.

If you would like to contact Rishel, she can be reached via email at or send her a message via the Barkable Bites Contact Us page.

October 24, 2012

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