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Brenda Sheridan: Director of College Relations & Executive Director

As a young girl, Brenda Sheridan spent hours in her basement playing “pretend school” in her imaginary schoolroom. There was no doubt in her mind she would one day be a teacher and be in education. For the last 20 years Sheridan has lived her dream. Through her work in higher education, she directly impacts the lives of countless students.

Sheridan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism from Pennsylvania University, Master of Science in Journalism from West Virginia University and Doctor of Education in Higher Education Administration from the University of Pittsburgh. She assumed her current position as Director of College Relations at The iSchool at Drexel in 2004; last year she also became the Executive Director of Drexel University Computing Academy (DUCA). Before joining the iSchool staff, Sheridan’s prior roles included: Adjunct Instructor, fundraiser, and administrator.

When you speak to Sheridan, one thing is immediately obvious. She really enjoys her job. ”I didn’t know I’d be an administrator until 10 years ago,” Sheridan said, “but now I know I will be one forever. ” Sheridan would also like to “get back to teaching part time after my children are in college.”

Sheridan’s passion for her work, and her willingness to take on new responsibilities, has been the cornerstone of her success. “She has an enormous and appreciated capacity to add new functions to her duties and to rise to new challenges,” said David Fenske, Dean of the iSchool. “She is a star in our College and one of the people that makes the College work.”

Don’t be afraid to try out new areas of interest. You never know till you try.

Drexel University Computing Academy

In her role as Executive Director for DUCA, Sheridan is responsible for the year-long administration of the program. DUCA is a five-week, residential summer program co-sponsored by Drexel University’s College of Information Science and Technology and the College of Engineering. The program aims to provide students with an authentic college experience while they learn about information technology and computer science.

Each student’s taste of college life includes college level coursework, living in the dorms, eating in cafeteria, and meeting friends with whom they have common interests. Since there are no residency requirements, current high students from all over the United States are welcome to apply.

September 2, 2010

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