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Kamili Feelings: Actor, Author, Playwright and Educator

Kamili Feeling, accomplished Actor, Author, Playwright, and Educator


Legacy of Creativity

Kamili Feelings is an Actor, Author, Playwright and former Adjunct Professor at Temple University. The youngest son of Muriel and Tom Feelings, he was born into a creative family. His mother, Muriel, is an award-winning Children’s Book Author, Illustrator, Teacher and Editor. His father, Tom (May 19, 1933- August 25, 2003), is an award-winning Illustrator, Sculptor, Professor and Art Consultant. Both traveled throughout the United States and the world sharing their expertise with various foreign governments, schools and organizations.

Kamili has built on his family’s legacy with a stream of accomplishments of his own.  He received a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Temple University in 1996, a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Brown University in 2002, and a Pedagogical Degree in Theatre from the London International School of the Performing Arts (LISPA) in 2009. He won scholarships to attend the prestigious programs at Brown and LISPA.

“I think I always wanted to tell stories.”

When he was named Diversity Scholar-in-Residence in 2005, Kamili followed distinguished speakers like M. Night Shyamalan as a guest at the Episcopal Academy in Lower Merion, PA, lecturing, performing and conducting workshops with grades from K-12. Kamili was also invited to the St. Mary’s College Poetry Festival in Maryland as a resident performer, instructor, and workshop leader.

As a person diagnosed with social anxiety (acute shyness), Kamili participated in a BBC television program entitled BBC Horizon: How Mad Are You? As a result of this work, he subsequently conducted formal workshops with groups of fellow sufferers in the United Kingdom, offering theatrical techniques to combat fear and panic in an imaginative way.

Kamili has lectured about his father’s illustrated work, Middle Passage, in Tampa, Philadelphia, Chicago and in Wales, UK. Kamili currently has 9 produced plays to his credit, and his work has been produced in South Carolina, Rhode Island, New York, and in London, England.


Writing and Performing

Below is a list of his accomplishments in writing and performance:

  • Chain Gang Project (Work-in-Progress). Playground Studios, London, UK, February 2009.
  • BBC Horizon: How Mad Are You?(Participant/Actor) BBC Television Program, Airdate: October, 2008. BBC Horizon Productions, London, England.
  • Babo’s Story (Writer and Co-Deviser). Open House Public Presentation, London International School of Performing Arts, London, UK, June 2008.
  • He Owes Me (Staged Reading). Forgeries Poetry Series, Happy Rooster, Philadelphia,  PA. May 2006.
  • Superman: Red, Black and Blue (a Theater Piece). Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Muse Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. September 2003.
  • Sessions: A Louis Armstrong Story (Play Production). Brown University New Plays Festival, McCormack Family Theater, Providence, RI. May, 2002.
  • Getting Away (Staged Reading). New Dramatists Plays Festival, New Dramatists, New York, NY, March, 2002.
  • Unmade Beds (Play Production). Brown University New Plays Festival, Russell Lab Theater, Providence, RI. April, 2001.
  • Little Brother Big Shoes (Workshop Reading). NiA Company Plays Reading Series, Columbia, South Carolina, November, 2000.
  • A Fractured Fairytale (Production). NiA Company, Richland County Main Library, Columbia, South Carolina. May, 1999.
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